Thank You 2012!

I made a video to wrap my journey in 2012, while doing the editing, so much memories were flashing back in my head; Some with joy, some with tears... But most of all are remarkable memories. Never will I realize how much I've done so far if I never make this video... I'm really proud of myself and thankful for people who always supported me =)

Started from Chromeheart journey, my life has been so busy and fruitful. Life stretching season til I got my breakthrough. Well, that's how God always testing our faith ;)

Thank God I have a great team to work with me on my short film - The Blank Photo, otherwise Whaley will not born in last year. Through film making, I discovered myself loving storytelling, film making is able to let me express my feelings, and stories into motion. 

Then, my Emerged journey also brought to a new level! Super great time I had with my cluster MINT and the rest... Through Emerge competition, I was given an opportunity to participate...

One of them, Five Senses. And HTV too! Also, Future In Neon fashion competition with my team, my talented sister and Fib :) 

I'm blessed. Really blessed. God is so good to me :")

Most importantly, God is faithful with me... As always, He will be the Light and always guide me to my dreams. All Glory to Him.
Happy 2013!


  1. I love your video! It was really well done :) Glad to be a part of your 2012 journey! Keep shining babe :)