The Pawagam Night Out

30th Dec 2012. Spent a night at The Pawagam@Hello Deer. This place is just right next to Wondermilk Uptown. Hello Deer provides event planning and service, you can visit their Facebook here. The moment you walk into this little space, you feel like this is home! The interior and setting are so cozy and homie ^^

So why were we here? Because we saw The Pawagam poster at Wondermilk, it is a night for movies screening! Well of course those are old movies, but we thought this could be fun to watch movie with a new experience. We bought the ticket for Zombieland, we also get 10% discount for all foods & drinks at Wondermilk! 

The fun part about The Pawagam was we are allowed to bring food and drinks from Wondermilk, of course no outside food allowed ;) So we sit back, relax, eat and enjoyed the show! For your information, this is not a theater setting though. The movie was shown through projector, they did provide us the mat to sit, AND we can bring our own blanket, pillow, and everything you need! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! Next time I'm gonna bring Badak to The Pawagam! The whole thing is just for us to make us feel like home... We could lie down, sit whatever you like, and nobody care :)

On New Year Adam, okay! Wait, why Adam? Because Adam was born before Eve! I know! -_- This lame joke was made by Mr. Jonathan! Hahahahaha! Anyway, we had a great time together =) 

Oh btw, I got my awesome Christmas gift by my Grim's boss!!!! I was super touched =") Look at this plate, specially made for me! AHHHHHHHHHH! Love this!!!

Alright! Gotta prepare my summary in 2012! Ciaoooooz!

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