appetizer month

Sawadeeka! Finally I'm back to my country! Hi Malaysia! I've been away for one week because of my Bangkok trip, so much to shareeeeeee! Before you asked me "how was Bangkok?", let me show you two thumbs up!!! I love Bangkok! Love it truly, deeply and madly! I had super great time there! Will share more stories in the next post. 

I just want to thank God how blessed I was during the first month of 2013! From day 1 of January til today, I have unexpectedly received so much than I ever asked for. The best thing is I see my calling was now formed into one piece and vision is made clear, no longer living in doubt nor fear. I have made up my mind and set the goal! I AM READY!

I've prepared to fight for a long battle, life is never easy we should know that. But if we keep remain faithful and integrity. Nothing will go wrong =)

Here I am wishing the best in the next 11 months of 2013. Oh February, come and walk this journey with blast!

God Bless love!

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