A Week in Bangkok (1): Vintage in Siam

Here is my first post on my Bangkok trip, and I'm going to write about the art of vintage in Siam. =) Siam is one of the busiest city in Bangkok, it was so convenient for us to take BTS train from our hotel at Silom to Siam. When I walk down from the train station, I see many food stalls at the street, you just can't help it but keep eating everything! Besides, I noticed they are very consistent and also standardized the structure of every stalls; you can find almost everything there! Especially fried food, coffee, fruits, juice and etc! MOST IMPORTANTLY, EVERYTHING IS FREAKING CHEAP! Only 20-30THB, means RM2-3 only! Come on, where to find super fresh juice or fruits at only RM2?!

p/s: I was too busy eating and didn't take much photos of all the food. sorrrryyyy :(

This is my favourite sausage egg rolls! YUMMMYYYY! only RM2!!!

THIS! THIS! THIS! SATAY BABI (Roasted Pork)! This is a-must-try in Bangkok! Look at the meat, juice and tender! 
Oh mannnnnnn~ only RM2 for 6pcs!!!

This is Mama Phad Thai, which means their maggi goreng xD It is tasty but freaking spicy! 

Let's talk about shopping... Siam Vintage, one of my favourite place in Bangkok. It is situated at Siam Square area, just spot this landmark! Looks artsy isn't it? :)

You will see this nice restaurant when you walked up and stepped in :)

This is how they design the interior, so classy and vintage. You can find many stores selling vintage stuff such as shoes, glasses, clothes, accessories... the amazing part is these are designed by their local artist, you can't find these stuff from elsewhere unless people resell them :)

And this is what I got from Siam Vintage! Love this shades! 

Speaking of creativity, here you can find tons of them in Bangkok! Look at this! Love it!!!

I really enjoyed every moment of walking at the street, eating street food, embrace their art, and experience their lifestyle. One thing I realize in Bangkok, they always carry a serving heart, despite our language barrier, they still tried their best to serve us with basic English and never fail to put a smile on their face. (That's how I learned to say "Sawadeeka" & "Kapunka"). They might not highly educated or born in upper classes, but they know what is the meaning of 'service', compare with our people, it takes money to buy a unreal smile isn't it? 

So... that's all for now. Do stay tuned for my next post on BKK! Love <3

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