The Awaken - Mama Whaley's Note (Part 1)

Hi peeps! I finally have the time to sit down and update my blog. Guess most of you have watched "THE AWAKEN", a new short film by Whaley Productions. :) If you haven't, here it is!

For your information, "The Awaken" is a sequel story of "The Blank Photo" short film (watch here) which was just an uni project that my coursemates and I produced for the sake of grades! FYI, we score a High Distinction! =D 

Just a recap for "The Blank Photo"
In the previous storyline in "The Blank Photo", it is about how Joshua and Alice met for the first time and they fell in love with each other. On Joshua's side, he was ignored by his sister for a long time and he absolutely have no idea why. Joshua and Alice have common interest in photography and they use analogue film to capture their moment. However, the photo turns out as blank photos after the film was being processed. One day, Alice remember everything. She remembered how Joshua and herself got into a car accident. The truth has revealed that both of them were not human, no one can see them. And that is the reason why Joshua's sister never talk to him. There was no ending in the first one, Alice disappeared after she recall everything and left Joshua alone with his angel of Death. 

Why Sequel?
Honestly, I have never intended to write a new script for "The Blank Photo 2" which is entitled as "The Awaken", it was just a random night that inspiration hit me and I decided to give it a shot! The first one was written by my good friend, Vivienne. That's explained the second one is a totally different style of storytelling :) And Why not a new script, a new story? Why sequel? Because I want to end the story of Joshua and Alice properly. Since the first one was left with open ending, I have the freedom to continue the story and even make a twist in the end. 

When Mama Whaley Casting

Apart from being a producer, director, script writer and film editor, this time round, I need to act! :'( As you know, I play the main character as Alice. Haha! I don't usually act, it was really awkward but I have to!!! I gave my all! But I do enjoyed the process of filming and casting ;) It was challenging, partly because I need to juggle with so many things at the same time, and this character is not who I am, and OMG! Acting lovey-dovey was tough! T_T Behind the scene, I got to admit myself as the director actually NG most of the time! =P As for my co-star is Richard, who plays the most important character as Joshua! My Kawan Baik! He did a great job! Thanks for wearing the same checked shirt throughout the shoot! :') And of course we have new cast, Brian and Elaine play supporting characters as Nick & Emily. Btw, we have special appearance of Ming Han (The Ming Thing) and Jeremy Choy (Rice | Photo) too!

My Amazing Crew
Firstly, I want to thank Ryan, he is the big boss who made all these happened! Although I am the master mind, but without his help, I can't film "The Awaken" at all. This production is by far the biggest shoot I ever done so far. I really thank God for amazing people who so willing to help me :') Ryan, thank you so much! You are the man! 
And next is Vernard, he has his own project named Vernardlim Film. You can check out his project!  Support him alright? I can see how strong is his passion and dedication in film making... Keep it up alright!
Also, I have another Brian to assist the shoot too! Thank you for your time despite your busy schedule!

All three of them are real good cinematographers! They had years of experiences, I was just a newbie in film making. But they willing to follow my instructions, I am really sorry If I offended anyone of you. I got to admit I am such a pushy and demanding director, thank you for compromising and dedication :')


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