The Awaken - Mama Whaley's Note (Part 2)

The Beauty Shot
WongFu Productions have been a great inspiration for me to make more awesome films! Their cinematography never failed to amaze me :') Besides WongFu, GRIM FILM is another film makers that have beautiful cinematography of all time! I wanted to create some beauty shot for "The Awaken". After few discussion with my cinematographer, there were few factors to be considered such as the lighting, camera equipment and weather! My no.1 must have shot is "The Stalker Shot"!  =P

Then... Sunset/Sunrise Shot! One of the location for "The Awaken" setting is at Kota Kemuning Lake Park, this place is really beautiful!!!  WDuring the first day shoot at the lake park, we missed the sunset and it was raining! The shot was unusable T_T I was so disappointed and decided to reshoot again. To chase the sun is tougher than I thought, Ryan and I've discussed and we wanted to try sunrise instead. And so.... We woke up at 5am in the morning T_T But it was WORTHY! LIKE TOTALLY! The weather was perfect, the sun was shine bright like salted egg :') And I was really happy with all the shot!

On that day, the weather was perfect! and plus rainbow! :')

The Drawing
If you have watched it, Alice's notebook are filled with drawings of herself and Joshua. She draws because all she had left was pieces of memories after woke up from the accident. She was in a coma, and her spirit was lingered around and that's who she met Joshua. My drawing artist is Gwendeline, she is awesome! Look at her drawing!

The Set
There are three setting of this film, the location is very important for my storytelling and the theme of my short. The first location is Photo Crafts (Kota Damansara), it is a camera shop that selling analogue cameras! This is why I love films =)

The second location is Readz Bookstore, which is my beautiful church's bookstore. There is no other bookstore as rustic and old school like this :')

The third location is Kota Kemuning Lake Park! This park is hugeeeeeeee but it is so beautiful that I must shoot here! This place is challenging because of outdoor setting and there were so many people looking at us -_- Worse was we were filming for lovey dovey scene.. T_T

Apart from those three location that I have mentioned, I want to credit Grafa Cafe too! I love this place, if you would like to know more about them, you can read here :) We shoot a very short scene for after credit, at the super nice orange sofa set!

I want my room to have a corner like this!

Well... That's all for Part 2! Also, you may read Part 1 (click here)... Hope you enjoy reading and know more about "The Awaken". Watch the short film here ya =)

Stay tune for Part 3! 

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