Cross Legged Cafe, Kota Damansara

Visited this little homie cozy comfort cafe at Kota Damansara :) This place named "Cross Legged", it is located at upstairs, very clean and cute cafe. People here are so friendly! We were the only group of 4 there, but treated like a VIP in the house =D 

We made our orders, and everything taste soooooooo yummmmmm, unique and healthy! Here is one very unique fish, lemongrass with pasta combo is perfect!

This is super yum and not too creamy that will makes you sick after few bites :) REALLY GOOD!

This is not just an ordinary chicken rice, they used the essence of chicken and fried with the rice! It tastes great but the rice is a bit too dry though, other than that, the chicken meat is breast meat yet so tender.

This is a free treat by the aunty which also the mother of this cafe owner. They were so sweet to us :')

Before we billed, another treat! WHY-SO-NICE??? This is freshly baked panda cake! I could see the smoke when the aunty served to our table, tell me who doesn't love pandan???

Dessert time! The moment my eyes met Banana Nutella on the menu :'D It tastes like banana ice cream with lots of Nutella goodness!!!

I strongly recommend this place if you looking for something that is comfort and healthy. This is definitely not a fancy hipster place, but is worth every penny and time to fill our stomach ;)

p/s: pardon my low quality photos because I didn't bring my camera that day :( all taken with my iPhone4 :D

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