Kiss Goodbye 2013.

Hola 2014! Happy New Year everyone! I finally got the time write down my thanksgiving post in 2013. Time flies, we are in a brand new year again. To me 2013 was a year of discovery and dreams.

1. I kick start 2013 with a new short film "Offline". (watch here) This was still the highest views on Whaley Productions Youtube Channel, my pride and joy :')

2. I've worked as barista at Royal Post, where I learnt to brew a good espresso, milk steaming, and latte art! I was able to build my foundation here for a short while, friendship lost and found here; Before the year ended, we found one another again :)

3. I made another new short film "The Awaken". (watch here) The one short film that I put in the most effort from pre-production until post-production. It was one of the best filming journey so far :)

4. Whaley Tees launched its' first collection! Thanks to all my friends who were so supportive towards my design :')

5. I graduated from university as a Degree holder. Right after, I was hired to work for eBay South East Asia as fashion merchandiser. Although only 6 months, but I had the privilege to join our first company trip to Port Dickson and had the most awesome Christmas Feast and Gift Exchange! :D

6. I went to Pattaya for the first time and fell in love with this place :') Also, I've traveled in Bangkok twice in a year! #SecondHome

7. First time involved in wedding day shoot as editor for Yee Seng & Antonia. 

8. I made the third short film "A Gift". (watch here) My first challenge casting with children, little Ryan is one of the great actor, he is so talented!!!

9. I was recruited and joined another 3 more ministries in my church: Strict Steps (Strictly Students Dance Ministry), Social Media Ministry, and Creative Dept. 

10. Finally get to watch OneRepublic Live in KL!!! #BestConcertEver

11. Finally decided to declare my faith. I got water baptized on Nov 9. I was born in September 11, this time, I was reborn in November 9; From 9-11 to 11-9, never go wrong with these two numbers in my life at all. Really! I never plan to baptize on this particular date, God is amazing to renew me on this special date. 

12. Thank God that I survived from a car accident, not only saved me from injuries, also taught me to be a better driver. 

Above all else, I can't stop thanking God for everything; 
A great family who never stop provide me the best home, food, and needs. 
Countless opportunities given to me to keep me shine.
A church that allows me to be broken yet never fall into brokenness. 
Friends that keep loving me, accepting me, no matter what happened. 

In 2013, I found my calling, I've discovered my God given vision, it was a year for me to prepare for future, and the my future is now. This new year, 2014, I want to change something within me, and around me, is a year of Faith, a year of create something... Knowing that this year is not going to be an easy year, I am more excited, at the same time, I'm scared, but there is only one way, to trust Him.

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