And This Stone

Sorry for being missing for months. Here, I want to share more about my life as a full time staff in church, there are so much more than just being a Christian who I used to be, after 7 years attending church regularly, growing up and knowing more about serving until I get down my knee to receive this call. 

In the past two months, I was being a part of Arise and Build, it is our 10th year doing this, to raise building fund so that we can expand the kingdom of God. I see a bigger picture, I see what's behind the scene of arise and build. The preparation took one month, it wasn't just about giving your money to build God's house. What's beyond is the stories that built over the journey...

Throughout the process, I journey this with the staff team, to build God's house together. I have learned that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, and when I observe them by getting everyone to work together using their strength, we can work efficiently. Our big project involved in wood work (back to kemahiran hidup skill), I don't think I learn any back in high school. So, we learn from Mr. Gordon. 

We have to cut pieces of pine wood, glue them, nail them and sand them. This whole project took one month to finish 1,600 boxes, everyday we worked at the workshop, more like a homemade workshop, or amateur carpenters. 

On the other side, we also need to paint all the bricks to black colour. Man, this is some work out too. We worked together at different station everyday, I count every boxes and bricks everyday, and the best thing is when you see progress.

The journey was a joy to me, that every time if I look back. I smile. There were pain and struggle, it was real, but it wouldn't be remarkable without hardship, it was a time I rely on God, trusting Him to go through it.

The full painting by pastor on Genesis 28:22 :) STUNNING! Sadly, I wasn't able to witness my pastor painting it live, as I fell sick. I love the story on Jacob, his life and encounter with God show a picture how we always struggle, yet we need God so much.

Above all else, I can't wait to witness all the goodness of God coming to everyone after we pledged to this year arise and build. This time, I pledge a bigger amount, I have been giving every year but this year I am stretched and confident that nothing will stop me from giving to God and building His house.


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