Papa How & Mama How Photoshoot

Today, I had the honour to be their photographer to photograph their maternity shoot. This is my first time shooting for couple and it is also to welcome the arrival of Princess How :) Being their close friend/cg member for almost two years, I have known them more and deeper, they know me so much more than I know about myself. They are always there for me, and I can never say enough of thank you of being patient with me when I was depressed, emotional, naughty, rebellious, and all you can name it. I would say, they are my most favourite couple not because they are the most perfect one, but because they are the most real couple I ever met, someone that I would look up to be when I have a partner in the future. 

Here it is, day one shooting at Empire Damansara, loving this place :) Thank God for beautiful sunny weather (no rain), and no one disturb us during the whole shooting too! We also had good chat (mostly me whining) over tea time at FRANCO :')

To my mama of C11/big sista/ji mui, you are still beautiful inside out as pregger! hehe!

Dear papa of C11, soon you gonna be a real father! Don't be so strict to Princess How okay? hehe

Thanks for believing in me :)

Love you both very very much!

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