Colour Conference 2016

Back to my favourite place Sydney! This time I came for Colour Conference 2016, is a women's conference organised by Hillsong Church. I went without much expectation, and I came back with so much inspiration!

My first time flying alone, stuck in the airplane for 8 hours was horrible because Air Asia really not meant for long haul flight. And I had to pay for everything!

First picture I took when I touch down and checked in my hotel, I walked the street by myself, enjoying the city, every part of this place is so pretty!

First session! We signed up as a group, so we were designated to different seating arrangement for every session. This side of the seating not so nice, but the opening night dance was so so good T_T

Outside, they have a space to sell all their merchandise, all so pretty and expensive. You wanna buy everything home! They also have plenty of coffee stalls being a typical Aussie, coffee is MUST HAVE. And their coffee taste better, don't know why. I love their Chai Latte too.

And they have food trucks and bazaar! This year conference they were using their own Hillsong church compound, which means it is located very far away from the city, it is really secluded, up on the hills, Baulkham Hills. It is very inconvenience to travel up there, hence, we rented a car for that 3 days conference. 

When Hillsong Young & Free led worship! Woooooooo! So fun and youthful! You just feel like you wanna dance all night!

They were so amazing like this, surprise after surprise. One of the session they gave everyone MAGNUM ice-cream! It is a lot of people to give!!!

Final night, a group picture to show our sisterhood bonding time here. #chcklbabygurl Everyone single one of us are so different with one another, I wasn't close with anyone, but our sisterhood still remain :)

Grab all their stuff as much as I can. The new book that written by Bobby Houston is also FREE! She gave it to everyone! T_T 

Then I have only one day left to walk around in Sydney T_T I shorten my trip because I had to work, nobody tell me to do it but I wanted to because it is my responsibility. I made full use of my final day in Sydney to catch up with my gurl, Claire! She migrated to Sydney few years back, we met last year during Presence Conference, she is the sweetest girl I ever met!

First stop was Sydney Fish Market! I want to eat their oysterssssssss! So fresh and it taste like seaaaaa!

The Grounds Of Alexandria! SO SO SO SO PRETTY HERE!!!


And this place is so amazing! It is a cafe where you can read on the couch! It is called Getrude & Alice, located at Bondi too!

So I ended my trip this time much simpler yet fruitful! No itinerary, just enjoying a bit of everything :) Thankful for this trip that opened my eyes and heart, i am a daughter of a King. 

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