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A work trip to Penang this time with pastor, one of my mission was to conduct a workshop on Media/Design at City Light Church, Penang.  Throughout these 3days 4 nights, I seen a different perspective on ministering to others, I realise there is a bridge I can build something to help people realize how important they are serving in media ministry, I see a bigger picture of how God is using me, all those endurance and perseverance to be who I am today (yet I am still learning to be better), God is already using me for the next generation. 

The first night when I touch down Penang Airport, the first person I met was Joa Wee, he is one of the church staff and he picked us out at the airport, feeling privilege to be treated like a guest. hehe. We had beef steamboat for dinner, I didn't take any picture because i was hungryyyyy. 

Next morning, this is my breakfast before we went to church for leader session with pastor, the chee cheong fun is mixed with prawn sauce. YUMMMMMS! I chat with my roomie Evangeline the night before, she shared with me how they were really excited about this session as it is more intimate and meeting in a smaller group, I can imagine if I am meeting a leader/mentor/pastor that I am so inspired and looking up to learn and grasp everything from this person, I would be so excited until I couldn't sleep. 

Leaders Session with pastor! I am serving as chorusboard, hahahaha! Helping him to make sure his slide fit the TV screen perfectly and control the slide too. Felt like this is a CG meeting setting, their guestroom is so cozy and raw.

Then, pastor went through a bit of lighting teaching with their team, and I also test their screen with for all the slides before Saturday night service. This place is a warehouse, they kept the original brick wall, superb nice!

Saturday night service with pastor. I love their worship, feels like home to me. My struggle is I hardly enjoy my time with God in my own church because of my responsibilities.

And then my boss suddenly want to paint his canvas to Gold as the base colour as he will paint live during Sunday service. 

Supper time! I am so full and I hardly eat supper in KL. In penang, you can't stop eating you know?

The next day I had to woke up early to follow my roomies to church for her worship practice. 

One person that I can't wait to see is my Vivian! She used to intern for us, she helped me a lot in media, love her very much! So happy to see she is serving and rooted in CLC, growing and helping their media ministry too.

Sorry boss. I like to post your unglam photo. This is his favourite sponge cake, he ate a lot before service. 

Live painting again! It is always a fun and goosebumps moment when I was assisting pastor painting, I love watching beautiful creation came to life, and look at the colour!

Thanks Joa Wee for sharing these pictures with me! 

The masterpiece of Joseph's Technicolor!

At night, we went back to touch up and boss need to sign it!

This was our high tea session after my workshop, I did my workshop with their media ministry member, so honour to be at that position to teach and share a bit of what I know to empower others. It is a joy to invest my time for people, people that are desperate to build His kingdom! 

Girl time! sisterhood! Thank you for everything dearest Abby & Evangeline! Your heart that loves God really reminded me again how we should be to love Him. 

On our last night, we chat again because I am flying back the next day T_T Great hospitality because I have Apple Cider to drink, they wanted me to sleep well... hehehehe

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