the 19th.

I had a very awesome birthday this year. 911 had became a meaningful event for me, not only just an ordinary BIRTHday.

For me, birthday is important because it significant as the special day of everyone of us to born or created on this earth. We are here alive and healthy because we are given a chance to continue the rest fo our lives to the fullest.

So I always think birthday is a happy thing! When comes to birthday, it is equals to CELEBRATION! PRESENTS! BLESSINGS and.....!!! Ofcourse I will not just concern about my birthday, others people birthday are important too! You never know a simple birthday wish can touches people's heart because when you remember someone's birthday, you care, and you put effort to remember and wish them.

On my special day, I received a lot of SMS birthday wishes once the time reached 12am. Touched!!! And FB even powerful! So many people wished me!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! MUACKSSS!

I went CG after work. All of them celebrated for me, really happy!!! I got few presents from them. I really like all the presents very much! I received one big bouquet of flower from my aunt. I was so touched because she asked Sixuan's favor to give me flower on my birthday. Thanks Sixuan alotsssss too! Because she was so busy with studies, yet still help my aunt to buy me such a beautiful flowers!

I my family & E26!!

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