the call.

10am, I was sitting in my office.
Then, my mum called me and told me something that caught me off guard!
She sounds really panic and kept asking me was I at my office? Did I go out or anything?
A girl who tried to act like me called my mum and cried very hard, she said she wanted to go home. Then, a guy took the phone and shouted at my mum must follow his instruction or else he will chop off 'my' hands legs'. Obviously they want money.

The scariest thing was how did they knew my name? How did they knew I was not at home so they could pick this hour to call my parents. How they know my house number? I never give anyone my house number either. They must been 'eye-ing' on me for quite some times already.

I was really shocked. I did not know what to do. All I could think is I'm not going out alone. I tried to stay calm but I cant. I feel very irritating, no peace at all, the feeling of disturbed just cannot get rid of it.

I'm worry. really worry. =(
God, Please protect me and my family.

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