commitment? no please.

Emerge season. People going crazy with busyness, because of practice, managing events, serving and EVERYTHING! But all efforts are worthy!

Now Emerge Rising is over. Awww..I felt weird. Guess I was just miss everything so much after it was over. But it was really awesome. should be beyond the awesomeness! I've been serving most of the sessions. I really enjoyed the time, I learned alot, I made new friends especially from Singapore mission team. I think USHERS are really the most awesome peoples in church! Our hardworks might be unseen. But WE know God see all things. :) I was tired, deadly tired! But compare with our leaders, they even sacrificed more than us! I just soooooo respect all of them!

Oh btw, MINT won! Wuhoooooooo! POS Rocks Emerge this year again! *Big Clap!!!! They are just so awesome! Should I join POS next year? I dont care man, at least once in a lifetime!

Other than these, I am really sorry that I couldnt spend much time with my family, my cell members and some close friends. I dunno. When I was busy or tired, I just dont feel like talking. I got to change this. I mean how long more we could spend time with our friends and family? We never know what would happen for next few seconds. Just like the movie 2012, I'm not trying to say what the movie shown would never happen to us, but it woke me up. I really really want to appreciate everyone around me. Whoever it is. If God has put all these people with me especially they've been through something with you before. Maybe you had already forgot but hey! Whatever it takes. It happened for a reason! Everyday so many peoples are popping out in my mind, and I tried to ignore them most of the time. I know I got to do something for them. No matter what they done to me before, good or bad, I still want to care for them.

And I wanna say one fact about me. One thing I wanna get rid of the special feeling towards people. I sick of fall in love. I sick of everything about relationship. Crush is just not something meant for me. I just want to love people with pure heart. I prayed so hard to God. I asked: please take away my heart. Take away my feeling. I have made a decision. Never repeat the same mistake that I had done before. I choose to get out of any circles involving closer relationship. I set a larger boundaries in every relationship. I tired of giving my heart yet not receiving. I'm not selfish. I just want to protect myself. Why would I have to suffer of all these issues. NO point man! I deserve something worthy to put effort on, not not wasting my time on pointless thing. I dont want to get hurt anymore. I dont want to give any commitment in future. I want to be happy. I dont know. Just please dont ask me: when are u getting a boyfriend? Why are you single? What's the problem? I dont need anyone! I'm very happy now. Dont worry about me. I will still look HOT whatever my status is. Change me or gimme more love?

No worries. I still love people. I still care for people. Just no commitment please :)

This is me. Cute or not? :D
Can you see my trademark emo-ish eye liner! =P

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