I cant believe Emerge is next week! I'm so excited!!!!

Emerge 09 is very different for me compare with last year. It significant as a very important event to me. The feelings of excitement towards Emerge is totally different. I came to know Christ 1st through CHC, then Emerge. Witnessed all the passionate peoples on the stage, Ps.Kong's message spoke to my heart and I accepted Christ. I was just an ordinary audience in 2008.

After one year, I just realize I'm different now. Today, I'm standing here; cheering for my cluster-MINT, participated competition(Personal Testimony), and even serving as usher welcome everyone for this big day! Knowing the fact I'm no longer a baby Christian and just wait to be served, instead, I'm now learning to be leader, serving others as my life purpose. I'm not perfect. Really not a perfect person. But I try to be a better person.

Well, I know my journey with Him not just a short term. I know is so much longer than that. I will learn to change, learn to let go, learn to forgive, and learn to love people more :)

I ain't genius. It doesn't matter because everything I'm doing is the best creative work even is just plain junk. - LiHui^^

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