vampires around me.

Read the title of this post! Yes! Vampires are around me! =D
Relax..I'm still a human being ya *winks*

Twilight Saga: New Moon is HOT now. I watched it last week, well, this episode is a little bit emotional, not much about Edward Cullen. The story mostly about how Bella had been through heart broken season, then met Jacob and la la la.. I'm not a Twilight fan, but I think Jacob is really HOT! His 6 packs!!!!! *scream* You know me right! haha! Unfortunately, he is only 17 years old. =(

Currently, I'm just so addicted with a new mini series "The Vampires Diaries"! See..Is not that I like to watch vampire shows, they found me first okay? While I was looking some series to watch in PPStream, this shows just caught my attention to click it! The title, the poster, the storyline..seems very twilight-ish, but trust me! Definitely is a pretty cool series!

"The Vampire Diaries" are based on the famous novel actually. Basically, the story is about two vampire brothers - Stefan is the good one, Damon is the evil one. A teenage girl who had just lost her parents few months ago back to school and met Stefan, they fell in love..but things are getting complicated because Damon come back again after 15 years of missing. Okay, You want to know next? Watch it! =)

Oh yeah! I just came back from Penang! I had an awesome penang trip with my cell group! Though this is not my first time went to Penang, but this was my first time had real experience in Penang! We went to many famous places to MAKAN! Their foods are just like from heaven! I was totally forgot whatever the calories counts, I just cant resist at all!! We went to beach and thanks to E5+E26! I got thrown into the sea by bunch of guys! Arghhhh! Feel like killing people! I insisted I do not want to get into the sea. THANK YOU SO MUCH! T_T

After all, everything was good except for the traffic jam! Arghhh! We reached KL at 12am on Sunday! Madness!

CHC Penang! Cool graffiti Design isnt it?!

Hard Rock Cafe Penang!

Enter the 1st of December. One month to end 2009 yet welcome 2010. One month to start my college life again....and I'm still planning for my next visions :)

p/s: put on weight :'(

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