There are so many things I really really want it!
Should I go to work??? Yes, I have to!
Oh btw, Xmas is coming ya.. *winks*

1. Leather Jacket (Biker Chic)
I'm so desperate of this jacket!! Super cool and rugged! I want a super fitting size but is really difficult to find this. :'(

2. New converse
If only i have my converse collections like this picture!

3. New HOT wedges
I adore wedges because it is comfortable than heels!

4. New watch
My watched all wen. t heaven. Is time to let a new watch get saved. haha!

5. Fujifilm Polaroid Camera
I like to keep every single memory. Polaroid is a instant camera. and the photos look retro! is sooooo cute and fun!

So far I think that's all.. xD

I'm so excited about EMERGE! and CG outing-Penang Trip!!! Is gonna be super fun!!!

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