Hello 2010!

Here comes the end of 2009.
A new year is a new beginning!
There are so many things I want to give thanks for..somehow words just not easy to say it out..

Well, I try to write the list of things I want to thank God for as much as I can. All these might seem is nothing for other people, but ALL are matters to me :)

I just wanna thank God for....
  1. Bought a new phone T700. I it to the max!
  2. Served as an usher before! I really learned alot!
  3. Visited orphanage for the first time with my classmates. p/s: I'd tried to like kids ya..
  4. Penang trip with classmates during semester break.
  5. Satisfying results in my semester 3+4+5.
  6. Selected to serve as usher during DASH wedding and witnessed the most wonderful couple.
  7. Discovered the awesomeness of production making.
  8. First shooting experience with Sharmaine, Stella! And special thanks to Kenneth!
  9. Successfully made my first music video with Sharmaine & Stella! Special thanks to Ahsan!
  10. Amazingly finished my short movie project in 2 days with Kevin & Sharmaine!
  11. My first animation project with Kevin! Proud of it!
  12. Organized Mass Communication Day with classmates.
  13. Designed the flyer and poster for Mass Comm. Day.
  14. Spent some quality times with Zoey before she went UK :'(
  15. Able to reconciled friendships that matters to me ALOT.
  16. Finished my internship program in 2 months and learned alot in design industry.
  17. Attended Ps. Tan leaders session. That was really changed my purpose in life!
  18. The blessings from friends, family, cell group on my 19th birthday.
  19. Bought my first guitar!!!
  20. Participated Testimony Challenge at Emerge09.
  21. All the supporting and encouragement from my cell leader - Sixuan.
  22. Had awesome time with E5 & E26 during Penang trip.
  23. For EVERYTHING from City Harvest Church!
  24. My parents and sister still living healthy and strong!
  25. My 2nd family-E26! You guys are awesome!

Truly, 2009 was a good year for me. In spite of been through a lot of tough seasons, whatever that comes to relationship, studies or family.. I really learned a lot and makes me realized how strong I am! All these broken heart, cried like hell every night doesn't make me become weaker, I am still have hope, love, and faith!

For my dearest papa, mama & ah girl:
I may not the greatest daughter or sister in this world, but I really love you all so much. No one else can replace both of you in my heart. Thank you for the unfailing love for this 19 years though there were sometimes with arguments, let you always 'kek sam'. =( I just want to say I would earn a lot of money whatever it takes to give the best for both of you and ah girl :)

For all my ji-mui since high school:
I missed the time we had during high schoold so so much! Those days were FUN, EXCITING and STUPID! Now we hardly see each other but I swear our friendships would never end!

To my dear cell leader Sixuan:
Do you know I would never forget the first time I met you? Because you came to pyramid and pick me up to church for the first time. You talked to me so that I'm not alone. I'm so bless to have you as my sister. I dont have any elder sister and you made me felt I was protected and loved. Thank you so much!

To my dear Ex-cell leader Zoey :P
I miss you so much!!! Thank God today technology is good enough! At least we still can always chat chat in msn. I just want to say thank you for always listened to me, I always complaints to you about everything yet you still so patient listened to me. I wait for you to come back Msia ya! If you marry to a UK 'meng nan', you still come back okay?

To dear Kevin:
Thanks for being my friend! You're always my special brother! I really enjoyed being your classmate this whole year. Scratch off all the silly stuff! We made a lot of great works together. I'm so proud of you and hope you can continue to shine in 2010!

To my favourite E26:
All of you are my brothers and sisters. I appreciate everything, every moment we spend time together! I wish 2010 we could spend even more time to know each other, not only just a weekly meeting. :) You guys are important to me! E26 rocks!

2010! The best is yet to come!

p/s: I'm still 19!

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