It is coming..

This week is good. Still enjoying my life with lepak goyang kaki.. I'm afraid that next year back to college, nobody could recognize Ms.Tey Li Hui anymore because I've been feeding myself in such a long period of holiday. Ahhhhhhhh~ I dont want!!!! :'( I better move my butt and go to gym tomorrow onwards! I can do yoga, meditate myself too! Hehe..

Besides the weight management part, I finally get to hang out with one of my high school fren on Friday! I really miss all of them, and it was super difficult to meet all my sisters!!! They are so busy with exam, apparently exam is just like the end of the world, they will lock themselves in the house. Friends relax!!!! We watched "Ninja Assassin". Well, the story line was good. I never watch any ninja show, what I know is only they can 'fly'..Awesome huh?! I kinda like closed my eyes throughout the whole movie cuz it contain too many bloody scenes. @_@ I cannot take it!!! But the reward was we got to enjoy few sexy and beautiful view(Rain's sixpacks)! Gosh! His body is super nice! So HOT! I want my future husband with such body shape man!!!! Hee..heee.. sounds very hamsap..

Then, I had our last cg meeting on the same day at the night as well. P/S: Last Cg in 2009. Looking back myself since the first time I joined my cell group E26, about more than 1 year already. Cg is part of my life. Next year 2010, I'm going to do something different, something beyond my ability, something greater, something AWESOME! =) We had early birthday celebration for Jaslyn. I love birthday because it is the only day significant to every individual, a day suppose to receive blessing, wishes with joy.

Christmas is near. I'm still looking around xmas presents for friends and family. This is the most headache moment. Well, I received my first xmas present from my lovely cell leader-Sixuan, very sweet and cute bookmarks. Love it and I'm gonna use it for sure since one of my goals in 2010 is to read minimum 15 books. I'm serious, is really a BOOK, not college text book!

p/s : 2010 countdown-19 days

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