Don't wake me up when September end.

I used to looking at my calendar, counting the day I finish my finals exam, waiting to be set free.

I'm lost again. Where to study? Study what? Major or Mass Comm again? SICK! Whateverrrrrrrrr!

FYI, I have a to-do list, deadline is by end of 2010!

1. Get Inked! 
Who is coming with me?! Call me kay! Lets feel this moment together.

2. Redhead!
I'm sorry, I'm bored with my black hair. My friends know me so well, they bet I wont survive with black hair, and yeah! They're right! This time I want to go superb hot redhead.

3. 20th Birthday!
911 coming soon. You know what to do *winks*

4. Paramore!!!
They are coming on 19oct! I wanna go so so so badly! Who is going??? Lets scream, shout, headbang together!

Lately, I cried a lot. Each time made me stronger and becoming a different person. Good or bad? I've no idea. Well... life goes on.

p/s: i miss all my classmates =(


  1. wow!! =D haha...are you really getting 'inked'

  2. zoeyyyyyyy! yep! soon soon! can't wait can't wait! =D

  3. y your title seem so familiar one!/curi my concept..wakakakaka

  4. jon.. not curi! tis is call we flow as a cell! HAHAHAHA!