Christmas with Media Team

After Ghosting Christmas Production, media crew had our own Christmas / Thanksgiving Party together at Coffee Societe @ Publika.  This is my second visit here, and no doubt, the ambience still cozy as usual. They had already set up Christmas deco in and out! I mean, who doesn't love Christmas deco? :)

All are so anti-social -_- 

Look at all the presents! We are having secret Santa and mortal gift exchange activity, super fun! Rather than we buy present blindly to someone we don't know, this time we already drew lots and we knew whose santa we are to him/her :D Everyone is scratching their head to bless their 'mortal' something awesome :D 

And this is my second Christmas present of the year I jsut received from my secret Santa! Instax Mini leather bag! I've been wanted to get this so badly! Now i have it! Thanks to my dear Santa, and we are destined to be in this friendship because my Santa is Yvonne :D What a coincidence! She knows me well and got me something that I really love! Thanks babe! I love you!

Sorry I didnt take much pictures of crews :( Although I'm still a newbie in media team of CHCKL, but I felt so welcome eversince I joined :) I learn a lot and still counting, excited my journey with them :D Despite how badly I want to join DM, unfortunately, I was rejected by them, but I won't stop carry on my passion and I know God has a better plan for me. 

Have you done your Christmas shopping? :)

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