One small step

Being a control freak who likes to take control of everything, I always want to know what's next, I need to be well prepared in order for me to be efficient, I enjoy plan things ahead, and I hate uncertainty. Which is why I hardly do things without planning, but this time I decided to go for a random roadtrip with my friends, I can't help but started planning everything. I started searching online for our accommodation, and the whole itinerary etc. Being in control makes me feel safe, I guess it shows how insecure I am. I know that and I am still fighting this, everyday.

So the initial plan was to depart at 5:30am, and one person was overslept, and we ended up started the journey at 7am. I was really upset, and then the guilt sank in because it was supposed to be a rest and relax trip. I should let it go. As I was staring outside the window when the car drove over every scenery, and I realise we do have beautiful mountains around us. 

We have arrived, finally, and we had friends from CLC Penang hosted us, brought us to eat some Penang must-eat-food. We want to be the typical KL-lang that drove all the way to Penang to eat Char Kuey Teow you know? It was yummmmm of course.

After eating non-stop for 5 hours, our day has gone, the best thing about this trip was I book a suit for us, it was a heritage house, called East Indies Mansion, located at China Street. It was superb nice. My room is filled with lemongrass aroma, felt like I am living in a spa heaven. Guess what? we both knocked out at 8:30pm, all the way til 7am next morning. It was satisfying, fulfilling and I felt so good. I silent my phone, and yes, I had so much messages when I check the next day. The bed was the highlight. 

And best thing was we have breakfast served as part of the service. 

To me, it was something I need after a long time, a weekend for myself. A small step to go out of my comfort zone, let go in being in control.

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