How can you missed Sydney Fish Market when you are in Sydney right? First, aim the oysters baby! I don't know how to describe the taste of fresh oysters, it feels like you have tasted the ocean :')

I can't take my eyes off you, seafood is my love! I belong to the ocean, that's why I am Mama Whaley :P

Besides seafood, there also have cheese section, and FRUITS! I realized their mangosteen all look so beautiful, WHY?

We were there so early, the markets just opened, the stalls were all getting ready. We are Asians, so yeah. We have our feast by the harbour, makes everything worthy. And just us, so it looks like we booked the whole place.

Besides fish market, I love to shop at flea market like the Paddington Market! This place is only open on Saturday, and the stuff there not cheap, but very unique in their own ways. I bought a handmade soy candle, I love scented candles especially soy candle because it is healthier. And my fave scent is always Lavender or Vanilla. 

Last but not least, my fave market is grocery market! We decided to cook our breakfast to save money in Sydney. I fell in love with their market because everything is so fresh and cheap there. 

MamaWhaleyKitchen in Sydney :D We save alot, really a lot for cooking our own meal, and I enjoy cooking in our apartment kitchen. You can read how awesome is my experience through Airbnb here (Link)

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